What is Nonviolent Communication?

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a method, or rather an art, of communication leading to a better understanding and effective conflict resolution. 

It was developed by Marshall Rosenberg and many more trainers and practitioners. Yet, as Rosenberg says:

Marshall Rosenberg about Nonviolent Communication

...All what has been integrated to NVC are just facts about language, communication, consciousness and use of power known for centuries. All of it helps to keep emphatetic connection to others and yourself even in difficult situations...

Robert Krzisnik on 3 pillars of Nonviolent Communication 

Three pillars of Nonviolent Communication:

  • Honest self-expression: how can I be fully honest and say what I want in a way which other people will be able to hear and understand?
  • Empathy: How can I hear what is happening in others even if their words are not revealing?
  • Self-empathy, or self-connection: practice of a language by which I can support my awareness of my feelings and needs, choose consciously and freely.

​For us, Nonviolent Communication is not only a communication form, but a whole approach to life. It is about how to pay equal attention to my own and to the other people′s well-being.

NVC can improve our relationships by helping us to focus our attention on:

  • Empathic understanding of others without compromising our own values and
  • Expressing our real feelings and needs openly and honestly, yet without blame or criticism