About us

We develop the art of Nonviolent Communication in the Czech Republic

We are a network of trainers and supporters of Nonviolent Communication in Czechia. We have different approaches and focus, and we share the same desire: we want the principles of Nonviolent Communication to be applied at schools, in businesses, between parents and children. Among people. We would like people to be honest and empathetic without losing themselves. 

We see Nonviolent Communication as one way. 


CNVC certified trainer

I teach and look for ways to teach people what they need.

Nonviolent Communication is for me a practical tool to mutual understanding with my wife, four year old dauther, colleagues as well as myself.


CNVC certified trainer

Since 2011 I create space for honesty, empathy and collaborative learning of presence. 

In 2014, I became a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication. It is an ongoing search how to remain open to life and connected to my feelings, needs and body. Visit me at gentle-space.org.


Trainer, mediator, facilitator

I examine the contribution of NVC in public space, in discussions about serious issues, in media and politics.

I see the potential of the society in connecting people from different backgrounds, which Nonviolent Communication can support very well. I enjoy lecturing and mediation.


Trainer, mediator, facilitator

Nonviolent Communication is of an interest to me due to its potential for social transformations and its contributio to organisational and societal development. I work often with nonprofit organisations. I help schools to create a space for learning for life. I enjoy mediating conflicts and facilitate participatory processes with the application of Art of Hosting. 

Inka Píbilová


I help organisations evaluate their work and focus it to increase their positive impacts. I am engaged in education, awareness raising, social affairs and international development. See more at www.evaluace.com

I also enjoy facilitating participatory processes using the Art of Hosting. NVC is for me an opportunity to find a way to myself and others.

Tereza Čajková


I am engaged in global education and I focus on teaching and exploring what kind of learning do we need to create more just and sustainable society. 

I see principle of nonviolence as a key to social transformation and Nonviolent Communication as a practical tool supporting this path.   

The Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) fosters Nonviolent Communication in the World. 

We cooperate with CNVC and experienced international trainers in Europe.